Atlantic Seafood Perth


Frozen Seafood

Aside from a varied selection of fresh fish and shellfish, Atlantic Seafood Market extends its seafood product line to frozen goods, some sourced locally and others imported to ensure the best quality. Whether you need prawns or mussels, sardines or tooth fish, the Atlantic Seafood Market might have them in their freezers. Feel free to call the store and ask their knowledgeable and friendly staff if they have what you need, as stocks change daily and some seafood delicacies are seasonal. You can ask when new stocks are coming or when they’ll be available fresh and live.

Our Location

Frozen Seafood

  • Frozen Mussels
  • Frozen Prawns
  • Frozen Scallops
  • Selections of Fish fillets & Fish
  • Selections of Steamboat ingredients

Japanese Frozen Seafood

  • Cod Roe
  • Cuttle Fish
  • Grilled Bonito
  • Japanese Scallops
  • Optopus slice
  • Sushi Prawn
  • Unagi/Roasted Eel